Suggestions for Moose Hunt in Canada

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    Not sure if theis is the right place for this post, but there was no specific forum for Moose.

    I am going to book a guided moose hunt in Canada for 2011. I want to drive from Montana, and bring home the moose. I would like to stay within 800-900 miles. I have done a lot of research, and the harder I try to make a decision, the more options, and different outfitters I come up with. I am looking for any advise on what regions to focus on, preffered outfitters, seasons to hunt in, or any other helpful info. My budget will be about $5-7,000 depending on what is included in the base hunt cost.

    This is some of the info I have come up with:

    1. Albetra seems to have the better prices, and is closer for me to drive to in most cases than BC or Sask.
    2. November seems to have better quality bulls killed, and higher success ratios.
    3. The lowland/farmland hunts seem more predictable as there are fewer predators, but these also seem like they could end up being road hunts. I want to actually have a hunt, and not ride around on argos and atv's all day until a moose is found close to a road.
    4. Backcounty horse hunts seem to have the most adventure, but get real expensive real quick.
    5. I have also heard the the "rut" and calling moose is very weather dependant.
    6. I like the idea of a 6 day hunt as I do not have to miss as much work, but a 10 day would help make sure the tag was filled.
    7. I would not mind a combo with whitetail, but the moose would be the main priority.
    8. I have heard that the meat can be significantly better after the rut in november, and that it is sometimes easier to get a trophy on a late season hunt.

    I was just hoping some on here have hunted up north, or know of a good outfitter that could provide the type of hunt i am looking for. Thanks for your guys time!