Savage Model 40. . .need help ! ! !

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    Feb 17, 2012
    I am looking for info/advice from persons who have hands on experience with the Savage Model 40 in 22 Hornet. I'm looking to purchase one and have read some pros/cons on the wonderful "Web". . .but I come to you guys for more solid facts. These are my questions;

    1. Hand loading for the rifle - can it handle loads above factory ammo and extract/eject with out issue?

    2. How strong is the action and what are other "issues" of this rifle as far as reliability and quality control?

    The reasons for this is because I have been damned in the last few months on a couple Hornets I bought and I really like the round. I had a custom Kimber that was given to me and then later stolen that was a "Tack Star" shooter. . .I just can't afford to pay that for another. I hear great things on the CZ. . .but, I do not care for that mag hanging out of the stock and I can not get the Rugers to hold a load in the mag and still shoot well due to bullet seating (had 2 already, really liked the guns though!)

    Now, I have come across a Savage Model 40. . .like the feel. . .hear its a shooter. . .now I want the rest of the story! ! ! PLEASE. . .give me what you know before I dump some more $$ and go hunting for another rifle. THANK YOU.