Range Report on Budget 7 SAUM Build

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    Apr 11, 2009
    Have been shooting the 26" McGowan barreled Browning for a while now and the results are interesting. The 168 vld over Mag pro is consistently printing 1/2 moa at 100 and 200 yards and this is with a .080 jump. 2953 fps is the accuracy node with an es around 40. COL is 2.932 and the magazine max length is 2.910 :rolleyes:

    160 AB Noslers print real pretty one-raggedy-hole groups at 2973 fps and a COL of 2.998 :D This would be all fine and good if I was OK with a single shot Browning.

    Talked with the original gunsmith and he said he used a SAMMI spec reamer with a .200" throat. Great. My new gunsmith said he will order a throatless reamer and turn the barrel in 2 turns to get me .100" back. Then everything will fit in the mag.

    All this leads to a question: I have been reading the "Anybody have a 7-300 mag?" with great interest. Not being up to speed on mag cartridge design, how much throat does a 3000 fps cartridge need ?

    Thanks in advance