New load for upcoming bear/moose hunt.

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    Jan 31, 2010
    I bought a 300. wsm and i need a new load for this years upcoming bear/moose hunt. Shots will could be up close to 500 yards. My neighbor and I are going to be loading together and sharing equipment. So far he has some hornady 165 and 180 grain SST. I have not kept up and bought some other heads to test out. I was thinking of some nosler 180 grain accubonds, but i am undecided. Any suggestions on bullets to try for 500 yards and closer on some big bruins or bull moose?
  2. It would depend on what the gun shoots best, but I'd start looking at the Nosler Partition and Accubond - I'd also take a look at the Barnes solid tripple something (can't remember name) and the heavier Berger hunting VLD's. Within those four you'll likely find a good shooter and hard hitter for those two big species. :)

    Good luck. gun)