Need help with Leupold target scope function

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  1. Okiehunter

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    Mar 18, 2005
    Gentlemen, I have acquired a VxIII target scope. It has a crosshair on each side of the center (n to s) crosshair that moves with power adjustment. What is the purpose or use of this??? Thanks for you help.
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  2. 436

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    Mar 22, 2009
    Sounds like stadia line type range finding added to original reticle, as you change power {if variable}changes the target should get smaller or larger. You can pretty much do the same with duplex reticle if you know the correct distance between the duplex post and reticle at 100 yards.
    That my thought without seeing it.
    The other thought might be; a POI point(s) for the original rifle and cartridge the scope was bought for.