My 1st Yote of Feb.

Discussion in 'Coyote Hunting - From 10 Yards to over 1,000 Yards' started by Rabbiddog, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Rabbiddog

    Rabbiddog Well-Known Member

    Nov 30, 2010
    Took a friend from outta town out to call some private ranch land I have permission to hunt. He's still looking for Coyote #1.
    Made 3 sets,1st 2 nothing. Last 1 of the morning we didn't see anything until I got up to get my caller and decoy after sitting on set for 15 min.
    So there I go down the hill to get my stuff and I happen to look down the drainage and there on a point of the knob about 150 yards down stood a Coyote broadside staring at me. I was kinda shocked, But I sat right down and put the cross hairs Right on the shoulder and fired and sent a 223, 55 Gr vmax over to say hi......
    She got the BOOM,FLOP treatment.
    I had this very thing happen to me about 6 months ago and then again just a couple months ago and both times I had left my rifle on its bi-pod where I sat and missed shot opportunities and you woulda thought I would have learned from the 1st time,But it took 2. So I had packed my rifle with me and I got a shot because of it.
    It's been a while ,but I decided I need to take my Savage 223 instead of my Tikka lite in 243.
    Savage is a model 12 has a 20 in bull barrel and really likes the 55 gr. vmax loaded to around 3300 fps.

    This female was in heat so the breeding cycle has begun here.
  2. Magnumitis

    Magnumitis Well-Known Member

    Aug 14, 2010
    Good job, nice looking dog and rifle. I'm usually too lazy to carry my rifle to go pick up my e-caller but I guess I better start!

  3. tt35

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    Jun 10, 2010
    Thanks for the story and tip. I shot one last week in a similar scenario but I didn't get that far from my hide. The juniper behind me must have given enough cover to keep her from seeing me as well. Most of the females we've taken in the last three weeks are showing signs of estrus here also. Congrats onclosing the deal.