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    Dec 10, 2003
    Long story short, George built these for me back in 2004 and I was reluctantly (forced) to sell them all in 2005. I had retained the records of where they went until 2007 when they fell victim to the paper shredder... So I have no real idea where they are or whom may have them now, not to mention they may have changed owners.

    Now I am looking for any information that may lead to me finding them in their original or modified form. I have CA$H in hand am prepared to make generous offers to the current owners!!! Even if the current owners do not want to part with them I would still like the opportunity to talk about their experiences with them. Currently I am working with my FFL to get the serial numbers of each. Thanks in advance for any information that you all may be able to provide!!!

    The FASTEST way to get a hold of me is via text message, but I will respond to both emails and IM's as well...

    Bronson Blackson
    214.533.5358 cel.

    Below are the general details and pictures of each rifle; if necessary I can provide the exact specifics on each...

    Rifle #1 (Black Teflon): .338LM, Nesika M Action, 30" Mike Rock 5R 1/9.7 Barrel w/Badger Brake, McMillan A5 w/Thumbwheel (Sniper Grey)
    Rifle #2 (OD Teflon): .300WSM, Rem 700 Action, 24" Mike Rock 5R 1/11 Barrel w/ KDF Brake, McMillan Hunters EDGE (Olive)


    Rifle #3 (Tan Teflon): .260Rem, Rem 700 Action, 24" Mike Rock 5R ABS Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrel, McMillan M40A-1