?load for 18"barrel, 25-06 Thompson Encore

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  1. jjmcnutt79

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    Feb 18, 2012
    I have a Thompson Encore chambered in 25-06 with a 18 inch barrel. I had it cut down so I could hunt off my dual sport. I've purchased 115 gr Berger VLD bullets with the intent of reloading. The rifle groups well with factory ammo however the non lead variety we have to use here in California runs up quite a bill. I hate wasting time, so anyone with a good starting point (powder and primer) for this particular setup would be greatly appreciated. My particular interest is in grouping rather than FPS.
  2. diriel

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    Sep 22, 2010
    Right around 39-40 grains of Varget with a Win LR primer in Win brass should get you going in the right direction. Another powder to consider is H4895 at about 38-39 grains. All of these in reference to your stated 115 grain Berger bullets of course.

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