factory loads out of your savage .223

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    Jan 7, 2008
    I have a savage 12 fv in .223 and am looking for factory ammo suggestions.I have found the 55 gr silvertips and the federal 69 gr match kings shoot into .5 or .6 inches on the rare occasion I can do it.(usually 1 " moa with my shooting) The b hills 68 gr match grade hollow shoot terrible probably 2" and won't cycle out of my magazine.I am thinking of trying b hills 50 gr hornady vmax and 45 gr win jhp white box.I like the federal but don't want to pay 28 bucks a box I hear the vmax's shoot great but I don't wanna buy a couple of boxes only to have them not cycle properly.Also the stock is the biggest hunk of junk I have ever come accross.If I tighten the rear screw any tighter than barely snug it creates pressure and the safety doesn't work.and the barrel has a 1/2 inch gap on oneside and a 1/8 inch onthe other .def need to upgrade to a bc gold medal soon.:D
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