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    Jun 12, 2007
    Has anyone tried these bullets yet. I am at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor show with R.W. Hart & Son Long Range Rifles. One of the guests at our booth this year is Cutting Edge Bullets, Cutting Edge Bullets Check out their site and see what these new and VERY IMPRESSIVE bullets can do. I hope to be helping Cutting Edge in just a few weeks do some testing on their upcoming 6.5mm bullet for my Hart Custom Light Benchrest Rifle. They are a bit pricy but the results will negate the price. I have a feeling these bullets will turn the industry in a whole new direction.

    Here is a little bit from their website:

    Bullet design
    Our goal from the beginning was to develop solid copper bullets that were the most accurate, flattest shooting bullet on the market that would have much better terminal performance than any other premium match grade bullet. If you are a match shooter, you are going to love how fast, flat and accurate these bullets fly. If you are a hunter you will appreciate how quickly our bullets kill. They are precise from lot to lot with the maximum weight deviation of .40 grains on our MTH and FBH bullets and .20 grains on our MTAC bullets. All our solid copper bullets are within .0001" in concentricity and .00015" in diameter. By trade we are machinists, and because of this fact all bullets are inspected rigorously at appropriate intervals and documented accordingly to ensure all bullets are the same regardless of when they are purchased.

    Check them out I don't think you will be disappointed.