Couple of stock Questions

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by Antler24, Apr 26, 2013.

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    Mar 17, 2012
    I read the "Long Range Rig for Under $1000" article on this site and in the article the writer says if his donor action has a wooden stock, then he beds his action into that stock. In his opinion a factory wooden stock is as good (accuracy in mind, not appearance) as an aftermarket replacement. what are everyone elses opinion on this for a 7-800yd hunting rifle built off a factory action?

    Another question: I'd been thinking about picking up a savage model 10/11/12 in 7mm Rem Mag for hunting, rebarrel and add a manners T4. I was looking at the FCP Mcmillan, and started thinking if I bought one of those, bed the action and rebarrel, I'd have the same quality rifle (again accuracy, not appearance) and probably save myself a few bucks too. Id be limited to 308, do you guys think 1 or the other scenario would be superior than the other?
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    Jul 29, 2004

    He is right. With a proper pillar bedding, Ammo and a good shot they can be very good for long
    range shooting. The problem with a factory stock is when the humidity changes some of the solid
    wood stocks move around and may change your zero. Heat also makes the stock move.

    Laminates or composites are much more stable and normally fit better (More models to chose from)
    instead of one size fits all like the factory.

    If you buy a Varmint rifle I will come with a better stock, a heavy barrel and a better trigger. And
    with good reloads shoot well enough to compete in long range matches.

    I would recommend the Remington or the Savage Varmint (Both come in 308) and save some money.

    You can Hunt and compete with the rifle and later you can build a custom rifle that is what you want
    that will do it all. And if you buy a rifle with a good stock all you need to do is have a custom barrel
    installed and maybe a Jewell trigger and spend $800.00 to $1000.00 more and have a custom rifle.