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  1. smallbutfierce

    smallbutfierce Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2011
    I have a Stevens .25-06 that I bought and was thinking about putting a shilen barrel on it. What calibers choices do I have with my stock action? Maybe a newbie question.
  2. NomadPilot

    NomadPilot Well-Known Member

    Aug 28, 2009
    With your bolt face:

    6mm BR – wildcats are 17, 22, 7mm, 30 cal all on this case
    6mm Dasher – parent case is 6 BR
    6mm BRX – parent case is 6 BR
    250 Savage
    260 Bobcat – 6.5mm in 250 Savage
    300 Savage
    243 Winchester
    260 Rem
    338 Federal
    358 Winchester
    257 Roberts
    7x57, 8x57, 9x67, 9.3x57
    6mm Super LR
    6.5-6mm Super LR
    6.5x47 Swiss Match
    6-6.5x47 Lapua
    6.5x47 Lapua
    284 Winchester (more aptly built in a long action, but officially a short action round)
    6.5x55 Swede
    6mm Remington (6mm-7x57 Mauser)
    7mm Mauser
    8mm Mauser
    9x57, 9.3x57
    9.3x62, 9.3x64
    7x64 Brenneke
    284 Win
    284 Shehane (284 Win parent case, improved)
    30-06 parent case family includes
    • 22-06
    • 6mm-06
    • 6mm Catbird (6-06 AI)
    • 25-06
    • 6.5-06, 6.5-06 A-square, 260 Newton
    • 270 Win
    • 7mm/270, 280 Rem, 7mm-06 (ballistic equivalents, minor chamber spec differences)
    • 30-06
    • 338-06
    • 35 Whelen
    • 375-06

    You can change bolts or open up your bolt face and get more options:

    264 Win Mag
    Win Short Mag series fits very well in the long actions
    7mm Rem Mag
    300 Win Mag
    338 Win Mag
    300 H&H mag
    375 H&H
    264 Wby Mag
    7 Wby Mag
    300 Wby Mag
    340 Wby Mag
    7 Rem Ultra Mag
    300 Rem Ultra Mag
    338 Rem Ultra Mag
    338 Edge (338/300 RUM)
    7mm, 30, 338, 375, 416, 404 Dakota
    Lazzeroni Family (I believe, someone correct me please)
    404 Jeffreys

    Winchester Super Short Magnum family
    Winchester Short Magnum family
    Remington Short Action Ultra Mag family
    264 Rem Mag

    Credit for the list: Caliber Choices - Comparison and Applications - Sniper's Hide Forums

  3. Chugiakbilly

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    May 12, 2012
    Hi there smallbutfierce. When I found myself in your position I had to re-barrel because I didn't want another caliber to load for. I asked myself: Billy, what are we going to shot with this gun? Then I picked a caliber that I had to outfit myself for anyway! Ended up with a .338 Federal. Your Stevens would make a great platform for the .338-06, .35 Whelen, or any of the long action '06 size bolt face calibers. Lots of potential. Sounds like a lot of fun times ahead for you. Keep your powder dry.gun)
  4. smallbutfierce

    smallbutfierce Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2011
    Thanks guys. That first reply was just what I was looking for. And Chugiabilly, this game is a tough one, too many calibers, too little money. haha. I bought this gun for its ability to shoot 85gr and 120 gr bullets, covering the game animals here in Maine. The big decision now is do I keep it for hunting, or switch it to a target rifle. I have a lot of research ahead of me. Thanks, again.
  5. Gene R.

    Gene R. Well-Known Member

    Jul 9, 2011
    Or you could go 25-06 Ai. Fire form the brass you have. Presumming you reload and and saved your brass. You'd be knocking on 257wby's door and and have all basic components minus the dies. If ya like the performance of the 25-06 you'll love the AI version with out having to change bolt head. Not that it's hard just extra expense. Great post up in Reviews about the 25-06 and the 25-06AI.

  6. smallbutfierce

    smallbutfierce Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2011
    I have always been interested in the AI. On paper it looks like a screamer. I can't reload yet due to space constraints in my tiny apartment, but when I finish school I will be all over that caliber. What would be a good barrel spec? 26" with a 1-9 twist to shoot the 115 vlds or Nosler ballistic tips? I also like the looks of the 6.5-284, but I like the look of a lot of things. haha. Too many choices.
  7. bronco

    bronco Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2012
    I would take a hard look at the 280AI. Just a barrel swap and your shooting. 7MM bullet have a great BC. Factory 280AI ammo is now available for you to shoot and collect your brass for when you do start reloading. Standard 280 Rem ammo shoots great and also leaves you with a great fireformed case for later. You can load 120grn pills that will beat the performance of the 25-06. Hot AI loads nip at the 7mm Mag's heels out of an '06 based case. You can load it heavy with 160grn or 175grn and have a load capable for just about anything. I have no problem making 500-700 yard shots on antelope with 140 accubonds. So far ALL DRT. Just my opinion. I like the versatility of this cartridge from long range coyotes and deer to serious elk or moose thumping.