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    Feb 4, 2009
    This past Saturday I picked up my Remington Sendero 300 win mag from Jim. He had ordered the gun for me - installed his 3 port brake, recut the crown, skim bed, lapped the lugs, karstens cheek piece, trigger job - trigger breaks at just over 2.5#'s, wyatts mag, EGW base and rings, epoxy bed the base and mounted my Zeis Conquest 4.5x14x44 on it.

    When I went to his shop I brought my Remington 700 .223 heavy barrel varmet gun with - The trigger was rough and I wanted it cleaned up. Jim measured the trigger - it broke well over 6.5 pounds - he did the trigger work while I was there. Watching him work I could tell the man is a perfectionist - the trigger now breaks just under 3 pounds. He also installed a karstens cheek piece and put a new firing pin assembly in it - one without the jlock.

    Back to the Sendero. I was able to get out and shoot it yesterday. I have not had a chance to reload for it yet so I shot some Remington factory ammo. The first loads were 180 grain core-locks. I shot one box - 20 rounds - the best group was right around .75moa. I then shot a box of 180 grain Nosler ballistic tips. The best group was around .50 moa. I cleaned the barrel after every shot with the exception of two - three shot string with each different load that produced the above results.
    The one complaint I have is that his muzzle break work so well and the gun shoots so well that I am going to burn up a fortune in ammo. This is the first gun I have shot with a break. The recoil felt like the soft push you get from a muzzle loader with a light load.

    I also made one mistake - I let my 20 year old kid shoot the gun. For some reason he now thinks it should be his.
    As soon as I can pull the funds together I am going to have Jim build a 30-06 for me.

    Once I figure out how - I will post a picture.
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    Feb 6, 2008
    That's great news!! Lookin forward the the pics!

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    May 27, 2006
    I will have to agree that Jim is a perfectionist, I don't think you could sneak something out of his shop until it meets his specs.
    I also know how you feel, my son just got a Contender frame and now I'm short one 6.5 tcu barrel and it looks like my Kreiger 6 tcu barrel is headed to be rechambered.