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    I don't have much experience with my beta chronograph . Can someone tell me how to set it up to record three shot strings ,instead of the 10 shot strings that it's on now.I need to be able to see my e.s. And s.d. Also I was wandering if you could keep it on the 10 shot setting and just shoot 3 shots and check it that way. After every 3 shot group just delete it and start over. Thanks for any help Jeremy
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    Mar 16, 2008
    I don't think you can set these for a 3 shot string automatically . so you will shoot your 3 shots . then press and hold the red "ST" button until you see the next higher string number , then release the red button . shoot three more shots , red button . etc , etc , this will keep moving you up to the next string . Jim
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    Thanks jim:)