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    Jun 6, 2007
    Hi to all

    When it comes to choosing a rifle action i always go for nesika bay. But i want to try something different. Meaning a normal out of the box rifle and to work on it. Everyone here in Australia where i m from tells me to stick to remington, i feel like i m not getting told the truth and to stick to what our gunsmiths only know. Is this true to stick with the remington actions and why is it? If not what other actions are good to work with for great accuracy?

    Thank you
  2. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    Theirs alot more to making a gun accurate than the action , if you take a Bat or Nesika action and screw a crap barrel on it with a poor chambering job and poorly bedded to the stock with a heavy crappy trigger then your gun is gonna shoot like crap , but if you use a Savage with nothing done to it and put a Kreiger barrel with a perfect chamber with a good bedding job to a decient stock and good trigger on it it'll likely shoot better than you can drive it.

    Out of the box accuracy I'd say that Heavy barreled Savages will edge out the Rems a little bit , but I have seen some factroy Remington PSS rifle shoot in the .3's after a recrown , lapped lugs , trigger works and bedding job