.30 caliber 210 grain Henson Aluminum tipped bullet meat test

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    Hello interested shooters,

    Thanks for your interest in the HATS and for following the threads about them........ You all have asked for the updates when we get them, so here is another.

    We did the short range high velocity meat test this afternoon and we did not get any blow up on the hide or detonation in the animal. It was a double lung broadside shot without hitting any bone and the exit wound was basically a perfect 2" circle that looked like it had been drilled with a very large drill bit. The range was 127 yards with the .30 cal 210 gr HAT out of a double radius shoulder Weatherby 30/378 @ 3404 fps w/1-8" twist for a total spin of 306,360 rpm. Mr Henson has a photo for those who need a visual...... While this is not a long range test, it is imperative that you test the bullets at shorter ranges to ensure that they will hold together and perform correctly for all anticipated applications....... Now on to the longer range shots.

    We really appreciate all of your interest in these projectiles and it has really been fun to perform the load work up and actual field testing. We are trying to obtain as much hydraulic testing as possible during our doe culling season so that next year we will have data that can be used by folks getting ready for their hunts and hunting seasons. As always, the animal today was delivered to a processing facility that will provide it to a needy family for the holidays.

    We will have our instrumental testing during our "BC" days in January and then we will be able to provide you with some difinitive BC values of both the .30s and .338s. Folks who have gotten some already are amazed at the high BC values they are seeing during their load tuning and drop testing. I think the 7mms are next up according to Mr Henson and we will be testing those in a 30" 7mm RUM when the final point-up die is complete. Of course, if a complete die set comes in for another caliber, it will get done first...... Personally, I can't wait until the .22 and the 6mm dies arrive because we will be testing those in stocked guns as well as in my Don Powell rail gun with one of my 17-4 pH Hall M benchrest actions on it. I have not shot the rail gun in several years so it will be fun get reaquainted with it.

    Again, many thanks for your interest, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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