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  1. kngbkwht

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    Dec 10, 2007
    Hello to everyone, I'll first start out by saying this board contains a wealth of info and some great hunting stories, i've enjoyed the general attitude and respect shared by all the enthusiasts that post here. Now to my noob ?'s

    I would like to build a custom rifle capable of consistand 600 yard performance. I own a Rem 700 in .260, bushnell 4200 4-16, handloaded w/ 120 nosler balistics and a savage BVSS, bushnell 4200 6-24 handloaded w/ 55 noslers. both are very capable to 400 yards (savage shoots .37" outside diameter 3shot groups @ 100) and both have qualities that i like. I would like to combine the best of both to extend my range and downrange terminal performance.

    Here's the plan

    Action Savage, either used or one of the target actions they offer 200-400$
    Caliber 260 remy (since i have over 300 brass for it already)
    Quality tactical scope
    Barrel 30" Lilja 1" straight contour bull
    Stock ????

    My ?'s are

    What length barrel will optimize the .264 bullets in 140's and 160's and what twist for each?

    Would it be worth the $ to chamber in 6.5x284 to gain additional velocity since i have the brass for the 260 on hand already

    Stock recomendation for under 300 bones that will fit the 1" barrel

    I picked the savage action because I can basically build it myself and save some $ in the process.

    I realize that this rifle if loaded properly should be capable of consistant accuracy well past 600 but shots seldom present themselves much past this in the mountains of WV. Longest kill on a chuck this summer for me was 480yards w/ the savage, this was the first year hunting chucks semi seriously. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Jul 1, 2002
    I shoot a 260 and out of a 27" Lilja 3 groove 1-8 twist I can get over 2800fps with 140gr bullets now accuracy is best just under 2800fps with the 140gr Bergers and just over with the 140 A-max. The 130 Berger would be a good option in your gun as your only intending to shoot to 600yds the added speed will help and the BC is still very high.
    I don't think that you will be gaining much at all going with a barrel over 26" maybe 20-30fps per inch if that and the shorter barrel wil be alot stiffer. I don't think that the 6.5-284 has enough to offer to be worth the hassel of finding brass and the cost of it , the shorter barrel life and generaly speeking the match bullet typicaly don't like to be pushed hard. With the 260 you can have the chamber cut t "match" specs and use Lapua 308 brass necked down , in my gun I had to turn the necks just enought to get them 100% cleaned up and that makes the loaded round only .0015 under the chamber neck which helps alot in the accuracy and brass life. the 308 Lapua brass is cheap , easy to find and the most accurate and strongest out their.
    If your looking for a drop in stock Stockade gun stock makes some nice ones and I think finished they run around $300 , one of Joel Russo's A5-L laminates will run just over that with the recoil pan installed but you have to finish it. Choate makes a stock called the "ultimate Varminter" and though big heavy , not realy confortable it is very solid and capible of supporting fine accuracy and theu are under $150 ready to shoot.

    I would recomend that you have the barrel setup like the Rem is with the shoulder it'll cost more but worth it