1st Test of Pride-Fowler Industries 3-9X 22 LR Rapid Reticle

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    Feb 26, 2003
    Just mounted 1 of these on my Insight Shooting Systems Inc. AR .223AI, and just love it. This scope is made for the 22 LR, but it's very solidly built, with sort of a mini-"Horus Vision" type tree-style 1st focal plane reticle. Seems to be decent enuf for brightness, with little distortion to the edges, and very little parallax out to at least 425 yds. Shot a 3-shot gp. at an Exbal-calc'd. 1.7 stadia units (this is a 22 LR BDC reticle, but easily adapted to anything really)below x-hair, and whacked the 425 yd. plate dead center for elevation. 3-shot gp. was 0 for vertical and about 3.5" horizontal. This is a sweet low-profile scope that's 1 of my favorites...so far.

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    Feb 4, 2007

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    Jan 27, 2008
    Zeiss Rapid Z 800 & 1000 scopes for M1A .308
    'Been doing some hunting for the best scope for my Springfield M1A (M21).



    Both are around $925
    And both are 4.5-14x50


    Note: Please enter your information into our Rapid-Z Calculator to ensure that you make the best possible reticle selection
    based on your caliber, bullet, hunting conditions and location.

    According to their calculator for the Rapid Z 1000 (designed for the .308 Match bullets):
    This IS the value for .308, Sierra 168-gr. MK (BC =.462),
    Velocity: 2,550 fps,
    Elevation: 4,500 ft. ASL
    Temp: 80 degrees F

    The Rapid Z 1000
    With their calculator, and the scope power ring set to 11.87 (12 power):
    They say to zero dead-on at 500 yards with the Bar 5.
    At Bar 1 will impact at 154 yards (or zero at 154 yards with Bar 1).
    Bar 2 = 224
    Bar 3 = 316
    Bar 4 = 406
    Bar 5 = 500
    Bar 6 = 595
    Bar 7 = 692
    Bar 8 = 791
    Bar 9 = 892
    Bar 10 = 993
    This is seemingly unbeatable.

    Now, with the Rapid Z 800:
    With the M1A, same load, they say to put the power ring at 14 power.
    Sight in at 1.77" high @ 100 yards for a 200 yard zero (Crosshairs).
    Bar 2 will impact at 295 yards (unmarked bar)
    Bar 4 = 395
    Bar 5 = 495
    Bar 6 = 596
    Bar 7 = 698
    Bar 8 = 800

    I know it's not 1,000 - but rather versatile anyway...

    :rolleyes: So, I'm deciding on which to choose.
    More field of view at 12 power with the Z 1000, than 14x on the Z 800.
    And the Z 800 is intended for other calibers, but, look at what I found for the .308!

    Zeiss Rapid Z 1000
    Zeiss | 4.5-14x50 AO MC Conquest Riflescope | 52 14 90 9973

    Zeiss Rapid Z 800
    Zeiss 4.5-14x50 800

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    sscoyote, sounds like you picked a winner. Best of luck with it and enjoy.
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    Apr 25, 2010
    I just received my Pride-Fowler 3-9X42 with the Rapid Reticle for my .308. Very, very nice. These are the guys who designed the Rapid Z for Zeiss.
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    Jan 18, 2009
    My wife and I have four of these - two mounted on Ruger SS Syn 77/22 22LR with custom Green Mountain Running Boar barrels and two mounted on Savage Mark II BSTV 22LR. We shoot them angle-of-rock or turtle or mud clod to 200Y with brick ammo from Walmart. Sure the wind is teaching us humility [ but also some good wind reading practice ]. These have got to be the most fun for the least expenditure in initial cost and ammo expense going...don't think barrels will shoot out any time soon either. Wish I had a TH Thomas Haugland MOA Wind Turret Knob for them because you can obviously call your own misses and make very quick corrections. Oh, we have one of their center fire scopes mounted on a .243 for hunting.