Ramshot Grand

LRT gave me great speed. But it lacked consistency. I may try it again with standard primers. Because when it shot good, it shot great!

I also broke down and ordered a couple lb of Grand that should be here next Tuesday.

I'll probably run test on both next weekend.
WOW !! You guys are light years ahead of me. I need to research this new powder. I will look for a pound to use /try on the Weatherby Accumark in 7PRC I will be buying. I would imagine this new powder will be ok with heavier 180 to 190 Grn Bullet's., fired from a 26 inch barrel. Thanks you OP!!! Great question.
According to hodgdons it looks like the magic powder for the 22creed with heavies. It has me thinking about changing my barrel twist from 1 in 8 to 1 in 7.5 for the 90gr a tip. It would be borderline
What about Grand in 284 Win with 175-180's?
Not enough case capacity maybe?
It appears to need a big case to bore ratio from what I’ve read so far.
I jumped 7prc/Grand threads again... details are in the "7PRC and Magnum" thread. Short version, LRT with standard primers was wacky. Book load of Grand looks really promising in all aspects. Will continue to pursue a load with Grand.
Just short of compressed loads of Grand & heavy for caliber bullets should work out for .22-250, .243W, & 6.5-06, all with appropriate twist rates. .
I plan to use it in my .22-.250, 7.7 twist rodent rifles with 75 ELDM bullets, not knowing the density I expect to get about 40 grains plus into .22-.250 brass without compression. My rifles are throated long, like almost 2.75 inches and I hope to exceed 3,200 fps and keep pressures about 61 K psi & .5 MOA accuracy.

Winchester Staball HD has proven to be a great powder in my 6.5-06 steel shooting rifles with 140 ELDM bullets at 2875 fps with .5 MOA accuracy and I hope to duplicate this with Grand in the much smaller but effective .22-.250.

Will report results including estimated hi-low averages with 95% probabilities using 15 sample sizes, giving me some assurance of good results with batches of 200 or more rounds.
I shot a few different charges today in my 300 prc with 220x . 78 grains run at 2880, 79 was 2935 average and about 3/4 inch group. 80 gr jumped up to 2995 and come together good . I’m going to say I pulled left shot a little !! Es was under 10 fps on the other 2 loads also .