Now shipping reloading components to Canada -Raven Rocks Precision


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Mar 25, 2023
We specialize in hard to find reloading components, specifically dangerous game hunting components, and we are now set up to ship to Canada. We appreciate your patience as we work out and glitches with the software, carriers, etc.

Not all products are eligible for international shipping. During this service roll-out period, we'll be limiting carrier options to UPS.

All items shipped to Canada require customs duties to be collected. Some businesses have the buyer pay these fees after the purchase, once the item goes through customs at the border. We cover these costs at checkout, so our customers are not caught off guard with any additional fees. We will utilize UPS, GlobalPost, or Fedex (starting with UPS because they ship 99% of our orders). If you have a preference, please specify in the order comments and we will try our best to accommodate. We have our UPS and other shipping accounts set so that the customs duties and any additional fees are billed to us and not the customer.
Please see our shipping policy for full details, but the key take-away is that Canadians can order things like unprimed brass, projectiles, and some accessories/tools. Free shipping over $150 USD does not apply to international orders. If you live somewhere super remote like way up in the Northwest Territories, we might have to email you about shipping options... For the majority of folks, it seems to cost around 30 USD to get a small to medium sized package there via UPS.