New SIG Kilo 10K released

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To keep it on topic, a 3000 yard ranging capability for pronghorn would sure let you know how much ground you have to cut with zero cover to make a shot.
I wonder how they do on flat ground with no objects to range? Ranging pronghorn CORRECTLY on super flat ground and no trees is fairly difficult, even for the best LRFs.
Thank you!
3000yd range on deer
4000yd range on trees
10000yd range on reflective targets

Honestly, they need to rate the ranging capabilities on game. Not max reflective range. I haven't ever seen a deer wearing a reflective vest. Or standing next to a huge aluminum building at 5.68 miles I thought I would like to shoot at...

To be honest, who is going to range a shiny rock that an animal is standing near, and think, "Wow, only 5.68 miles away. I think I will try to get within rifle range and hope he is still there in 3 hours when I get close."

I don't know about buildings... lol, like you said, I shouldn't be shooting at those anyway. I use a rangefinding a TON though at their max ranges to see where an animal is because it determines what routes I will take to get close enough to shoot. In Alaska last fall we had a ram about 2 miles away, my buddy swore if we went up the front of the ridge he was on that we'd be close enough to shoot (inside 600 or so). I didn't think so since the ram seemed to me to be further up the ridge but we couldn't range either. We started that way and made it up to where my buddy thought we could make a shot but he was still 1200 yards. We couldn't get closer on that ridge so we would have had to hike all the way down and around the next ridge over and back up to get a shot. Unfortunately, it took us half a day to get where we were and it would be another day to get back down to where we could get to the bottom of the next ridge and back up again. Not being able to range how far the animal was (a giant rock bluff would be close enough) and the two options to hike to to get a shot (again we could have gotten the giant bluffs) cost us an opportunity by taking the wrong route. Very similar scenarios have come into play down here in the mountains. I want to be able to range large objects as far as possible, then the location of the animal to make a plan of attack. lol... I definitely use my rangefinder more for that than actually ranging an animal I'm ready to shoot, so being able to range mountainsides or bluffs at vast distances is also important to me. That's the reason I found my swaros about useless, half the things I needed to range were waaaay to far for anything swaro would ever range. I like my Leicas a lot but they didn't quite get what I needed either. I give up the quality of glass in my binos for the rangefinding capabilities and use mostly my 15x swaro or the BTX for "searching". It would be awesome to have a set of binos that had the 10k ranging ability with the Leica/swaro glass.
I like the form factor of the sig 6k,but can't believe they didn't put AB elite in them.
I can tell you this now I do like being able to store up to 30 guns profiles on the binoculars. The Vortex only let you have 3 profiles and from what I seen the Revic only allows you one. Fast to change guns in menu and displays whatever you name them.
The Revic BR4 allows 10 profiles.
I had an opportunity to look through these over the weekend. I am familiar with the infamous blue tint of Sig electro optics as I've owned them before.

I only detected a slight blue tint in one specific area and the Sig rep said they did the best they could but had to retain a small bit to ensure the display was readable under all conditions.

I also checked out the Revics while we were there. They are the exact same form factor as the Sig down to the battery compartment. I will say I much prefer the display in the Sig over the Revic. The Revic cycled through the elevation and windage adjustments too quickly for my liking. the menu interface was much more user friendly in the Sig as well.

If I were buying one of these two TODAY, it would be the Sigs gen 2. I didn't get a chance to compare against the Leica 10x42 Pro AB+ as they weren't present.
10 would be good, but the Gunwerks video on the Revic ACURA BLR10b shows only one profile at a time. That was what look a different direction for a LRFB.
The Revic binos will only store one profile on board. To change profiles you have to pair with the app and push the new profile to the binos.
Oh I forgot to mention that I also got a 50% off coupon for the Sig/ marsupial binocular harness included with the Sig Gen2


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DocUSMCRetired, from everything I have read, Sig hadn't advertised new glass, just that the blue tint was gone. Is that correct or is there new glass? I've read the Vector's glass is on par with Leica which is very impressive. I would assume the Sig glass is not in the same realm?? A lot of the reviews of the previous gen 1 version scored the Sigs very high on contrast and clarity but they were never given credit on the score cards because the glass was tinted so bad. I would assume they'd be pretty darn good considering, by just getting rid of the tint but it seems like you are saying it is more than that? Just looking for some clarification if you have it... maybe it's ED or HD now? I've been fairly impressed with the center of the view of some of the cheaper glass these days (UHD and others), but once you consider the edge to edge clarity, focus wheel and ability to dang near never need to readjust the focus wheel... they don't compare to the Leica and Swaro. IMO. The rangefinder in the Sig, regardless of the glass is second to none... again, IMO and for what I use it for (ranging/shooting/load data), I use the BTX for about all other glassing nowadays so those capabilities are very important in a rangefinder and why I sold my geovids and swaro range... they aren't fast enough or reach far enough. Thanks for any insight you can provide.
The only thing I can share, is that the blue tint has been reduced by 95%. They had two pair at the NRA Show in Dallas for people that wanted to test them.