New From NOVA

Rooster...yep...although I hadn't gotten around to it for the Grendel...used the Barnes VOR-TX rifle ammo for this deer. But that's next on the harvest an animal with some of my own ammo. And yep FFF....butchered the hindquarters yesterday....doing the front quarters later today. I know understand why processing places are so popular. haha And Arnold...small world. We might have just missed each other. I was in Iraq 03, 04 and 06.

Lots to learn on here if you're ready to dive into reloading, or anything else for that matter. Plenty of insightful wisdom when you ask for help from others. Where are you from in IA? Sounds like we missed each other by a few years, I went to Afghan in 2011 and 2013 as a machine gunner in 3/7.