Long Range Tuna, Marlin, Swords / pigs, Nilgai, deer / OTC Elk

Mar 17, 2023
I have been swapping hunts for years. Looking for some new experiences. I have several opportunities to offer.

1. Long range Blue marlin, tuna, swords, & more off texas coast on a very nice 45 Cabo sportfish. Fishing is excellent. Most trips are 48-60 hours and 100-170 miles offshore into the gulf. See www.MadPropsFishing.com

2. Multiple Texas and Oklahoma properties with pigs, turkeys, deer, some Nilgai. Both owned and leased

3. Excellent OTC elk hunting with nice cabin in unit 85 Colorado. Rag horns to 330" bulls and cows typical. Owned with friends.

Looking for western big game hunts, trophy whitetail, exotics, etc. Bow, rifle, muzzleloader…it's all good. Open to about anything. Thanks!
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