Kettle bell routine

I’ve been doing a program called “The Giant”, only movement is clean and press with double bells. Reps/set vary each day but weight stays the same. If you strive for perfect form on every rep it really doesn’t get boring. Pull-ups absolutely torch my elbow, but this program with all the presses has not caused any issues.
I have always worked with barbell, dumbbells and weight machines for over 40 years now and I have never worked out with a kettle ball. After reading everyone's comments about the kettle ball workouts, I think that I will get one a see what damage that I can do.
I've been doing the LIIFT 4 program from Beach Body the last couple years. It's a 4 day a week, 8 week strength training program using all dumbbells with a good amount of HIIT mixed in. I'm about to finish my 12th round and have kept increasing in strength and weights, but it's still kicking my butt every day! Figure I'll just keep doing it until I can breeze through it but that's not going to be any time soon.
3 surgeries on rt shoulder, headed for one on left, so closest I will get to kettle bell is kettle popcorn. A former colleague put me onto KB's years ago from her workouts and dang do they really work. They engage far more muscles in use than you think which is great for getting into back country shape. If I could, I would still use them. But sadly my rt shoulder is last legs so I have to protect it at all cost.
Nothing better than the KB. I'm a follower of Pavel Tsatsouline as you can't get better KB advice than from a Russian.

I am currently on the Simple and Sinister program, but some exercises from my own developed routines:
1. Halos
2. Hang Cleans
3. Clean and Press
4. Goblet Squats (I like to hold my bells inverted)
5. Racked Lunges
6. Thrusters
7. Bottom Up Overhead Press

Nothing better than proper swings, turkish get-ups and squats. I also picked up a rock climber board and practice dead hangs at the end of my workout.
What's a Turkish get up? You can also bend at the waist and "draw" your KB like a bow. Also pushups with your hand on one KB (laying on its side) let's you go deeper on side at a time.
Turkish get-ups and sandbag get ups will build so much total strength. Not at all a sexy or fun exercise but functional and functional for hunting….. 100%
In addition to what you are already doing, I'd suggest Farmer's Walks or Farmer's Carries. You can do them in a balanced way with weights in both hands and also in an unbalanced way with weight in only one hand. The exercise itself is conceptually easy - pick something up in either one hand or two and start walking. Lots of YouTube videos on technique. They suck, but quite effective.

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