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Jun 17, 2024
Hello everyone,
I've become a strong advocate for lightweight hiking and camping gear, and I'm now applying this approach to my hunting adventures. I also enjoy hunting rabbits with my trusty Whippet, a sleek and agile sight hound. While cottontails are relatively easy prey, our main quarry is the speedy Jackrabbit, which requires a mistake on its part to be caught. We hunt in semi-open terrain with sufficient cover for the rabbits and enough open space for my Whippet to reach top speed. It's exhilarating to watch my dog chase prey for over a mile! I've been pleasantly surprised by the positive responses I receive when sharing my experiences hunting with my Whippet, with many people acknowledging it as a natural and traditional way of hunting. In contrast, I've faced negativity when discussing gun hunting. I'm excited to join this forum and share my knowledge and experiences, while learning from others.
Thanks for having me.
Welcome to long range hunting, from the piedmont of northeast georgia. Great to have you on board.....i remember rabbit hunting and owned 4 beagles at one time. Before deer were introduced back into georgia, rabbit hunting was the number 1 sport. Now most land is leased to hunting clubs, and rabbit hunting went away. I miss it though.
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