Father's Day vs. Mother's Day ...


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Dec 20, 2008
Great Falls, MT
I am terrible at remembering dates and do not pay attention to them. Mother's Day and Thanksgiving are every day in my household, and Father's Day is every other day, and I am OK with that. šŸ¤£ šŸ˜ :cool:

Being a "DAD" to my two sons (36 and 33) and Thor, my 14+ Karelian Bear Dog continues to be rewarding.

Enjoy your special day of recognition, stay safe, and God bless.
Being a father is great . My daughter is awesome , great education and even better job . Doing everything right in life at 26 . She's been married for 2 years now so she's his problem ! So why do I still panic every time my phone rings ?
They never quit being and 8 year old little girl in our eyes just saying
Being a father on Father's Day has always been great but in the last few years it has morphed into Grandpa's Day. We always have the entire clan over at our house where there is plenty of room some sporting activity, swimming in the pool or roasting in the hot tub. I still do all the BBQing even though my wife insists that I should relax between relays with my 3 grandsons who are 5 and 6 years old. Doing the grilling keeps me next to the Margarita maker which has also been a Father's Day tradition. :D

Have a great day everyone.