Cold Bore fliers

Idaho Lefty hit the nail on the head, in my experience....quality barrels eliminate issues. I clean and degrease like Hugnot. I can not recall a Hart, Krieger, Brux, Muller barrel that threw Radical shots on the first cold bore shot in properly bedded stocks, and I run a muzzle break on every rifle, twisted properly. The rifles all shoot tiny groups. A first shot out of the clean barrel will usually be .3 out of the group, but if were to throw a shot 1.5" out, that barrel would be scrapped.

I fire three shots on a squeeeeky clean bore prior to hunting as a matter of good gun handling practice.

Much of the "thrown" shots that NON competitive shooters experience is from having too much coffee or just not being settled down. I was advised to sit at the bench and observe wind conditions prior to firing for five minutes(heart rate will settle down), then when I get on the gun, I dry fire several times aiming at the target as if I were firing a group, watching where cross hair ends up after the shot(follow through). My shooting improved significantly when using this discipline.

A very experienced Long Range gunsmith(now passed on) advised me that contours smaller than a #5 are prone to more "issues".

When a load is out of "tune", expect all kinds of issues, same thing with bullets of suspect quality.
I agree with this; quality barrels put the first shot right in there. My guess is a lot of guys who have flyers haven't removed residual solvent, oil, grease, or whatever they last put in the barrel.
Very fouled barrels are unpredictable. If you can look in the muzzle and see copper streaks, then it is time to start scrubbing.

One of the things I do with a barrel is to determine the cleaning frequency before groups start to open at peak accuracy....can of worms.
In my defense:

I shoot from 10° to 115°+. Year round. About 48 weeks a year. Average 5600 rounds a year.
I shoot from 1100'AMSL to 9500'AMSL.
I travel from 30 minutes to 12+ hours to hunt.
I can have a rifle in a truck on a hunt for 10 straight days in a soft case and still make 1st round hits.
I take rifles last shot at 95° and 1100' and sit in a safe for a couple months, then go hunt in 20° weather at 9000' and make first round hits.
I have made 1st round hits on game out to 1367 yds and steel out past 1500 yds.

The things I NEVER do...
Clean a rifle before a hunt. Even if I have time to foul it unless I can run 20+ rounds down it.
Hunt on a clean bore.
Take a rifle that I haven't shot in a few years without verification.
Buy cheap optics/rifles.
Change ammo.
This clean or not to clean is so **** confusing to newer shooters it crazy. Ask any 1000yrd Fclass shooter and I guarantee they start each match with a clean bore. I was on the “Don’t clean until groups open up” wagon the last couple years but, after more research and listening to Fclass/ BR shooters I’ve been cleaning after every outing. Then I read this ⬆️.. I guess one must test it themselves to see what their rifle likes??
Great comments, appreciated. I have a CA 300PRC purchased for long distance hunting. Posted it in LRH section thinking the quality of replies would help me big picture achieve the long distance hunting accuracy expected on the first shot. TU
I have several CA 308 win and smaller that have exceptional accuracy. I had two magnums/ 300 win and 300 WSM- both had less than acceptable acccuracy. One was their flagship titanium 5-6k model. I don’t think as a matter of predictability their magnums shoot well. You find a couple guys whose mags do, but not as a matter of fact.
Have someone else shoot it just to eliminate your own variable.

Are you starting with same bore condition that has proven consistency? Some bores require fouling to some degree and the round count for consistency can be far greater than expected. You may be over cleaning it and barrel cannot "settle" down.
Good advise. I am assuming he is shooting factory loads. With handloads it can pretty much be eliminated with HBN coated bullets. Has fon me at least.
I have several CA 308 win and smaller that have exceptional accuracy. I had two magnums/ 300 win and 300 WSM- both had less than acceptable acccuracy. One was their flagship titanium 5-6k model. I don't think as a matter of predictability their magnums shoot well. You find a couple guys whose mags do, but not as a matter of fact.
It is easier to shoot a lightweight light recoiling gun better than a lightweight heavy recoiling rifle well.
Go shoot 20 rounds and foul the barrel. Pack up and go home. Go out the next time and shoot for that first group with your desired factory load. I believe I read you’re not loading for the rifle!
Would need lots more info.

Are scope and bases tight?
Scope/reticle level to bore?
Reticle level when fired?
Free hand, off bipod with rear bag?
Windy or calm
Do you shoot well with other guns or with this gun and different ammo?
Gun specs?
Weight of gun and is trigger light and crisp?
Barrel free floating?

I am sure there will be more questions, but really hard to help diagnosis and issue without all the info.
Noticing, enjoying your quotes below your message. Many on this site will die, if wifey finds out what they actually paid for everything.

I've observed that bad judgment and good judgment are life's guardrails. Too much bad rail contact, drastically shortens one's life. To much good rail contact, one won't have anything to smile about in the old geezer home. I try to aim in the center. Several times, God has had to shake His Head, roll His eyes, take the wheel......preparing me to LMAO in GeezerTown.
I clean my rifle bore after terminating sight in preps for the next exciting hunt, this delay might be an aggravation for others, especially when more than one bore is cleaned. Then, when everybody is ready to take my place at our busy gun club or wifey wants to quit, I shoot 3 rounds at 300 or so, this gives me confidence & fouls the bore for a one shot hit. Sighter shots may not happen on a hunt.

I use a cardboard box with target on box should I need to check things out when not at range, providing a few rounds fired will not disturb tranquility and be permitted. I locate the target 200 or so yards away from shooting site, back checking distance with range finder, reflection on license plate. Put a rock inside box so it won't move and put box in place to catch bullet.

Should I want to remove traces of oil from bore I place a plastic water or pop bottle over the bore & shoot a puff of carburetor cleaner into bore. This can damage stock finishes so place the dispensing tube deep into the bore. Skip the plastic bottle if done outside.

Stainless steel derives its corrosion resistance to continuous production of a thin film of chrome oxide that prevents further corrosion. Chrome moly steel, like a blued barrel, rusts, so a squeaky clean bore with no protective oil film might rust in hot damp places.
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My advice is to clean the barrel every time you shoot it. Keep them clean. When its time to hunt, put 5 shots down it and leave it for hunting season. Double check zero with that fouled barrel after its sat at least one day. Cold bore fliers on a fouled barrel is usually a barrel problem. I have never owned a quality barrel that would not put the cold bore shot in the group, and that was always tested at 1k.