Anyone from pa

I'm from PA originally, thus my name.. I've hunted in Mckean, Bradford, and carbon counties.. Most of my rifle deer hunting was in Bradford in and near SGL 36 as I recall maybe also 12? but not sure, its been a while.. In talking with friends that still have a cabin and hunt up there, hes telling me THERE ARE NO HUNTERS!! Nothing like it was 20+ years ago. Mckean was tough hunting. steep hills and thick. Carbon county is where I did my Archery hunting.. Get anywhere close to a development where the cityfied weekenders dump out 50# of corn every weekend to "see the pretty deer" and your pretty much guaranteed success.. Boy I miss them days..
Yes on private land. Used to have 88 acres until my grandmother passed away a few years back. 140-160 class buck for sure.
You could hunt 5A game lands. Check out Stone Jug Rd Aspers Pa it runs over to 234 n Old Harrisburg Rd. Runs right behind my buddies house. Very close to my hunting grounds.