zeiss victory fl

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    Kahles K624i vs Zeiss V6

    I just ordered a leupold VX6HD which hasn't arrived yet but I need one more high quality scope and I will be set. I have narrowed it down between the kahles and Zeiss. Really was looking for some feed back on the Zeiss V8 but seems no one has handled one. So what's the thoughts of everyone on...
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    Zeiss V8

    Has any tried the Zeiss V8? Really interested in the 2.8-20x56 or the 4.8-35x60. Can't seem to find one around in the stores around here. Thanks for any info.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Zeiss Victory Diavari FL 6-24x56

    Used but in great shape Zeiss Victory Diavari FL 6-24x56 with Rapid Z-600 reticle. No ring marks or lens damage. Illuminated reticle. Includes lens cover. $1,800 shipped CONUS.