1. jh2785

    WTT Barrett Fieldcraft rifle for ZCO scope

    Hello, I've got a 21" Fieldcraft in 308 that I bought last summer (non-threaded) and wondered if anyone with a Zero Compromise scope would be interested in a trade? I'd like the ZC420 4-20x50 and prefer the MPCT1 reticle but would consider MOA too. I'm in Fort Worth if you're in DFW. If...
  2. 360Precision

    Zero Compromise Optics ZC527 5×27 Scopes

    360 Precision is an authorized dealer for ZCO and we have Zero Compromise Optic 527 scopes with the Tremor 3 and MPCT3X reticles in stock. We also have sunshades, Flip Covers, and Spuhr mounts to compliment the scopes. MPCT3X Sale Price: $3,980 Tremor3 Sale Price: $4,215 Email Dan at...
  3. W

    SOLD/EXPIRED Zero Compromise | ZCO 5-27

    Looking to buy a ZCO 5-27 MPCT2 reticle. Excellent condition.