1. CODzilla

    SOLD/EXPIRED Loaded G5 Prime Black 1 for sale

    Want to trade a lightly used Prime Black 1 bow, extra limbs, with Hamskea Trinity rest, and Sword Punisher Pro sight, Beestinger 8" countervail,10 Victory Vforce .245 arrows with field points (cut to 26.75"), and Bohning sling. If I need to ship the bow, I’ll ship it in a Pelican Vault V730...
  2. lrpmarc

    WTS various .277 bullets

    Cleaning out the reloading locker. For sale (see pics): 80-each Hornady 270 cal. 130gr Spire Point (flat base) - ON HOLD SOLD 79-each Hornady 270 cal. 140gr B.T.S.P. 100-each Sierra 270 cal. 130gr Spitzer (flat base) - ON HOLD SOLD 100-each Speer 270 cal. 130gr Hot-Cor Spitzer (flat base) - ON...