1. 33nos

    WSSM wildcat

    Are there any WSSM wildcats that have a case length under 1.4 inches? To qualify for use as a pistol hunting cartridge in Illinois, the bottle neck cartridge must be 30 caliber or larger and have a case length not to exceed 1.4 inches. thanks
  2. 65WSM

    M70 WSSM Action trued ready for barrel

    i wore out the factory barrel (can't imagine how that happened?). Action was trued by Mike Palazzo. I own two other WSSM rifles, one with a custom barrel, so I decided to let this action go. I have a factory supplied Bell & Carlson Metalist stock and bottom metal available also if you are...
  3. S

    6.5 WSSM

    I have a Browning A-Bolt SS Stalker in 270 WSM I am very interested in making this into a 6.5 WSSM and shoot a 143 Hornady ELD-X. (loaded and throated long) Any information on this such as: Where to get a chamber reamer, reloading dies, loading data, Thank you in advance! Steve