1. gpo1956

    WTT Nightforce SHV 4-14x50 F1

    I have one in excellent condition with box, paper work and bikini covers with MOAR reticle. Want to trade for 5-20x56 with MOAR reticle. Must have exposed elevation turret. I can text or email pictures. Anyone have one available?
  2. SO92

    Custom 700ml Muzzleloader: .45 - 1/20 Twist

    Converted Remington 700ML - 45 1/20 Twist Remington 700 Smokeless Muzzleloader Remington 700ML SS Action Brux SS Modified Sendero 26" Prefit Barrel - .45 1/20 twist B&C Rem 700SA M40 Tactical Stock - Snow Camo Color BDL Bottom Metal Silver - B&C M40 9/16" ASG Plug for 700 ML .030 Tungsten...