wind speed

  1. RSRW

    SOLD/EXPIRED Weather Hawk SkyMate SM-18 Wind Speed/Temp Meter Anemometer

    For sale is a very lightly used Weather Hawk Speed Tech Skymate SM-18 Wind Speed and Temperature Gage. The unit looks and operates as new, with the exception of a few small marks on the battery door. The unit will measure instant wind speed, maximum wind speed and an average wind speed over 5...
  2. Floundertrap

    Inexpensive nikon wind meter (made by weatherflow)

    This weekend I came across a sale item at my local Sportsman's Warehouse, a Nikon Ballistic Wind Meter intended to be used as part of the Spot-On system. I am a Leupold guy and haven't used Spot On since about 2012 or so, but I noticed this wind meter had a logo imprinted into it (see pic) that...