win mag

  1. Goldy300

    SOLD/EXPIRED Terminus 300

    Gonna Try Again! Price Dropped! I am selling my custom 300 WinMag to fund another build. It is built on a Terminus Kratos Lite action. Bartlein Carbon barrel finished at 26" has been throated specifically for the 215 Bergers. Has a 5/8x24 thread protector for when it is not wearing the can...
  2. Recoil Junkie

    Accuracy International Pattern 300 WM Mags 3.715 Length

    The 2 mags are both 300WM 3.715 length. The MDT is brand new and the AI mag is slightly used, the AI mag has been shortened in the front to help it feed 375 Ruger ammo, the follower will not slip out of the mag it and feeds perfectly for 300WM and the like. MDT 5 round mag - $60 shipped AI 5...
  3. 9

    cutting edge bullets caliber choice

    Anybody use a 300 win mag with the 220/230gr cutting edge bullets. Should i look at using something with a little more capacity like the 300 wby or the 300 rum. Has the shorter neck length on the win mag caused any problems when reloading these long bullets. I origanally wanted the rum but it...
  4. R

    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage 110 Timberline 300 Win

    New never shot Savage 110 Timberline in 300 Win Mag. Asking price is $875 shipped to your FFL. For fastest response text or call me at 2082215589. PayPal F&F or buyer covers fees for G&S.
  5. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED Peterson 300 Win Mag (Long) Brass

    Selling 3 unopened boxes of Peterson 300 Win Mag (Long) Brass (150 total). This is the newly released version. I am selling it because I found some more ADG and do not want to have to redo load work up. Asking what I paid - $225 TYD.
  6. R

    .338 win mag nosler cases

    I have 140 mostly new the rest have been fired 1x. Ready to be reloaded. $45 for a box of 50 and $40 for the bag of 45. Any offer will be looked at.Plus shipping. Open to trades too.
  7. 6point5x284

    WTS Rbros 300 Win Mag Barreled Action

    WTS Rbros 300 Win Mag barreled action. Action is a Rbros Rogue (Defiance Rebel Hybrid) with pinned 20 MOA rail. Barrel is 28" Broughton 1:10 twist and has a 3 port muzzle brake turned to the same outer diameter of the barrel for a seamless look. Barrel is fluted with straight flutes. Contour is...
  8. R

    Custom built 338win mag REDUCED

    MARKED DOWN TO 3,000 FOR IMMEDIATE SALE ! Stiller predator action PB22248 stainless barrel GR douglas 338 winmag. 26" with mated muzzle brake Bell & Carlon Stock Jewel Trigger set 4.2oz Bottom Metal is high-end and matching 3 round mag. Leupold scope with dials on both adjusting vertical and...
  9. TC338

    .338 win mag custom barrel

    I'm selling my Bullberry built encore barrel. It's 26" with brake. 1-10 twist, throated for 300g bergers, full bull. Includes the hanger forend and 0 minute Egw scope rail. I'll throw in a Egw 20 minute rail. I've only shot about 50 rounds through it to break it in and start load development...
  10. 3

    SOLD/EXPIRED FS .300 Win Mag Reloading Supplies ***SOLD***

    I am moving up to a .338 Edge in place of my .300 Win Mag for long range I am looking to sell: RCBS dies: FL, NK and seater Brass--Win--Roughly 200 cases--some is prepped, some is not 2 boxes Berger 210 VLDs in .308 I also have a HS precision stock for LA Rem 700 for sale--never been...