weatherby magnum

  1. BoatTail

    Weatherby 6.5 RPM Brass

    Does anyone know if the Weatherby 6.5 RPM brass is available yet? Has anyone thought about opening up the case to 7 mm just like they did with the 264 Winchester Mag and 7 mm Remington mag? Both the 6.5 and the 7 mm would be sweet cartridges.
  2. D

    New Member Introduction

    Although I am technically a new member I have been reading through the forum on a regular basis for several years. I have been shooting, reloading and hunting since I was a youngster. I don't typically shoot more than 500 yards but I have an increasing desire to work on extending my effective...
  3. O

    New Elr build

    Hey y’all! So basically, some time ago, I got into long range (ultra long range)...ended up building a 338 lapua improved...I got an offer that I couldn’t refuse and now the money’s burning a hole in my pocket. Just kidding, but I’m going to pull my hair out if I don’t get back to shooting. I’m...