1. outdoorsmunn

    Warne goodies: LR-SKEL 34mm scope mount, 45 degree mount, Skyline scope level/data card holder

    Got some brand new, unused, gear from Warne. First up is a LR-SKEL lightweight cantilever scope mount. It has 20 MOA of slope and 34mm rings in tactical grey color. I'll also throw in a new Warne 25 in/lb torque wrench. $90 shipped for the pair. SOLD Next up I've got two brand new Warne 45...
  2. S

    Savage bases and Burris rings - bench clean off sale

    Ken Farrell model SAV.RTS.1.20 with new screws (used – 20moa rail for Savage round top, short action) $80 DNZ model 18200 scope base/rings with all of the screws (used – fits Savage round top, long action) $30 Burris model 420221 XTR Signature 30mm, 1” high (used – has all of the screws and...
  3. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Pair of Warne Maxima Tikka T3 Scope Rings, both 30mm and 1 inch

    I have changed my scope and the mount this year and as a result have both a 30mm and a 1 inch pair of Warne Maxima Tikka T3 scope rings that mount directly to the dovetail. They were used a handful of times but are in perfect condition. I have the wrench that came with them but no packaging...