us optics

  1. G

    Cheytac M310 375CT single shot

    Cheytac M310 in 375 CT. This one was built by Barry Lawton for Cheytac. Low rounds. REAL Cheytac Ind. .375 Cheytac Single Shot M310 with US OPTICS LR 3.2-17 x 50mm Scope. 34mm tube. US mounts. Jewel Trigger. Gun zeros @ 500yrds. (+/-) Blue electronic lighted crosshairs. GENII XR Reticle...
  2. JPBCA

    USO B-17 zero stop

    I just bought a USO B-17, sighted it in at the range a couple weeks ago. I'm having trouble setting the zero stop. I tightened the zero stop screw but I can still rotate the elevation turret past where I set the zero stop. Any suggestions?
  3. D

    U.S. Optics ER-25 RDP MIL reticle

    U.S. Optics ER-25 RDP MIL reticle $1,800 Scope is in great condition, glass perfect. Great reticle for long range hunting narrow lines don't hide your target. Used for less than 300 rounds. No trades, funding a new build. Have questions, just ask.
  4. D

    USO US Optics B-25 5-25x52mm MGR Mill Reticle

    Selling a great condition USO B-25 rifle scope. I bought this optic new from US Optics this June and used it for five PRS/NRL matches throughout the year. Everything is in perfect working order with great cosmetics. Normal wear on the surface of the scope. Mounted on an 18 pound 6.5 creed. Comes...