1. 3warbird

    Mainly trade 338 edge custom

  2. bbckfh

    SAS update... Purchase advice

    Hi All, I want to flog a dead horse, in a sense. I'm looking in the coming year to buy another couple of suppressors to complement my current AAC and DA Sandman Ti. It seems from most posts online that the current "gold standard" (if you will) is the TBAC Ultra 7, and is what we use at work...
  3. 3warbird

    SOLD/EXPIRED Sako L61R Lazzeroni Warbird custom build

    Testing the waters here. Looking to sell or trade a Sako L61R action, Krieger barreled 308 7.82 Lazzeroni Warbird. Gun has KDF brake, 25.5 in stainless Cryo treated barrel, factory trigger tuned to 2 lb. Gun has been blueprinted and trued, 2 stocks; one is a green and black B&C bedded and...