ultra mag

  1. B

    7mm RUM chassis/stock

    I have a rem 700 la in 7mm rum I took in on a trade, it’s pretty hard to find info bc everything just pulls up the 7mm rem mag. Anyways, can you keep it stupid simple and help me figure out what stock/chassis I can get to fit this thing, with a drop mag. I have a Boyd’s stock on it now but not a...
  2. Adipose

    7 RUM Brass and Dies

    *New unopened 50ct Remington 7RUM Brass $100 Shipped *New unopened RCBS FL Die Set 7RUM $40 Shipped. *Brass and Dies together $130 Shipped .
  3. levers4life

    300 RUM Newbie Advice

    First post here. been lurking for years, great info and seems like a very helpful community. I have been reloading for a few years but this will be my first go with the Ultra Mag. Been shooting factory ammo through it. Remington 700 standard barrel - 26", standard length magazine. I will be...
  4. T

    300 RUM for sale Left Handed

    Selling because of hard times and divorce. Used for hunting. I shoot 230 grain berger with retumbo and its shoot sub MOA. Scott Weichel built the gun and assembled it. Here are the stats 300RUM 28" barrel Broughton 5C sendero countour Mcmillan scout stock pillar bedded Jewel trigger 1.5 lbs...
  5. 7

    Rebarreling a Sendero 7mm RUM

    I have been hunting with a second-generation Remington Sendero in 7mm RUM for the last several years. I have taken a moose, black bear, elk, whitetail, boar, and even a grouse with it. I am only at about 350 rounds down the barrel, but I recently moved to CO and now have a place to practice out...