1. R

    Nosler E-Tip & Barnes TTSX 7mm 140 gr

    2 boxes (50 ct) Nosler Expansion Tip 140gr 7mm - $50 each, includes shipping 3 boxes (50 ct) Barnes TTSX 140gr 7mm (1 bullet was used to measure lands and is a little scratched up) - $45 each, includes shipping
  2. LVJ76

    7mm-08 with 120gr TTSX and RL17

    I'll start with this, I'm not a huge fan of mono's, I've seen them fail to expand at longer ranges, however I have a box of the 120gr TTSX that I plan on using on my 7mm-08 for Javelina. Where we hunt it's usually shots under 300 yds and I shoot them in the head/neck. In several books I see...
  3. D

    Tikka T3 vs T3X in 338 Win Mag

    My first world problem: Tikka T3 lite blued 338 Win Mag or Tikka T3X lite blued 338 Win Mag Can anyone explain to me the differences in the ejection ports. I'm wondering if the new T3X has any real advantage in this area, regarding COAL. Is magazine length still going to be...