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    Remington 700 SPS Tactical .223 – Semi-Custom

    I am selling my Remington .223 that I purchased for long range competition practice. It is taking up space in my safe and am looking to purchase some other firearms so this one got the short straw. This is an excellent rifle and has only been to the range once. I have 100 rounds of Hornady Steel...
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    Remington 700 Action Group Buy Open!!

    Hello Everyone! Our group buy for Remington 700 actions is open! The group buy starts today (June 29) and run until July 31st. You can find more detailed information on pricing and how to order here: Northwest Action Works - Custom long range hunting and tactical rifles These are the actions...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Coming Soon! Remington 700 action group buy!

    Hello Everyone! We are getting ready to run our next group buy for Remington 700 actions! The group buy will open in November and run for at least three weeks. We will put up a new post when it opens as well as pages on our website with instructions to order and an FAQ page. Here are the...