tripod shooting

  1. P

    Tripod head accepting Arca Rail?

    What tripod head are you shooting from and using that accepts Arca Rails? I currently use a Manfrotto Pan Head 128RC and would like a similar setup to use for glassing, just utilizing Arca instead of Manfrotto's plate I'd plan to shoot my new rifle off of it and and will have a BTX85 on it...
  2. McLeod_Precision

    McLeod Precision - Mini ARCA Rail for your precision hunting rifle

    Hi Folks, We are new to the forum with a new product that is designed for the long range hunter. We have been on snipershide for a while as our other products are focused on the PRS competitor. Please check out the website to see all of our products. About Us: Located in...
  3. livetohunt

    SRS full length Arca for hunting rifles

    I did a redesign on one of our arca rails to make it as thin and light as possible, and stretched the length to match the average fore end of most hunting stocks. We now have the only full length Arca rail on the market that will match up well with a hunting stock. Key features -11” OAL...