1. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED Lyman case trim express

    For sale is a barely used Lyman case trim express. I only trimmed some 204 ruger and 17 rem on the unit. Most of the bushings have not been touched. I took the plunge and bought a Henderson so I am making bench space. $100 shipped. I live in Maricopa AZ so $90 if you pick up from me. I accept...
  2. Mc Fraser

    Giraud Tri-Way Trimmer

    Hello, I am looking to buy one of those but they don’t come for the calibers that I reload for so looking at pictures online I believe I can make it work for any caliber. From what I can tell looks like a bearing and bushing. I can have my smith make another bushing from an old barrel. Thoughts?
  3. 2Rsquared

    Reloading Equipment Lot - Higher end, new or like new

    I have the following items for sale.... Giraud Power Case Trimmer, 2 case holders (.223 & .308), 2 cutting heads, 2 locking rings......$575 SOLD Forster Co-Ax Press.....$528 SOLD Forster Original Case Trimmer, power adapter, 4 pilots....$170 RCBS Chargemaster Combo.....$405 RCBS Rotary...
  4. tr175

    Frankfort Arsenal Case Prep

    Anyone selling a Frankford Arsenal case prep station like the one pictured?