triggertech diamond pro

  1. H

    SOLD/EXPIRED Triggertech Diamond 2 stage pro flat trigger

    Triggertech Diamond Pro 2 stage for Rem 700 clones. 250 shipped
  2. Happyshooter

    Fun shorty 28 Nos Project

    One of my clients from Iowa called and asked that I set up a light weight rifle that he could hunt in very thick timber or step out and take a six or seven hundred yard shot if necessary. He was partial to the 28 Nosler that I did for him years ago so we decided to stick with that cartridge...
  3. Braunschweiger

    Curtis Vector(SA .308 Bolt), Gunware 6XC Barrel, Triggertech Diamond Pro Curved

    Selling my barreled action that I pieced together late 2019. I need money for land down payment and some stuff is on the chopping block for now. This was sitting in an MPA BA Comp chassis. Less than 100 rounds on the action and on the barrel. I have completed load development and was shooting...