1. E

    SOLD/EXPIRED Zermatt Arms Action Certificate. $400 off any action.

    Zermatt Arms Action Certificate. $400 off any action. $200 shipped
  2. E

    NEW Proof Research Zermatt Bighorn Origin Prefit 6 Dasher

    NEW in box. Proof Research Zermatt Bighorn Origin Prefit barrel. 6 Dasher. 26 in. Competition contour. 1 in 7.5 twist. $500 shipped
  3. S

    SOLD/EXPIRED *price drop* Proof TL3 Prefit 6.5 Creed, 20” carbon fiber

    Selling my Proof carbon fiber 20” prefit barrel, chambered in 6.5 creedmoor. This barrel is chambered for bighorn TL3 short actions, but I used it on short action and long action big horn origins (SA and LA origins have the same headspace), with the use of the HLR recoil lug. Barrel has 756...
  4. K

    SOLD/EXPIRED Bighorn SR3 Short Action

    I purchased this Bighorn SR3 Short Action (standard .473 bolt face) summer of 2020 to build a hunting rifle with a carbon fiber barrel. The build ended up heavier than I wanted, so I have been parting out the build. This is in like new condition. It's been in the woods only three days. To the...
  5. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Benchmark Prefit barrels intro pricing

    we are pleased to announce that we are now using Benchmark barrel blanks for our stainless pre fit barrels. We offer a Long list of chambers, and actions that we offer. Please click the link below! Use PROMO CODE “LRH5” at checkout to save 5% and get free shipping...
  6. Jsmith410

    Manners EH

    Looking for a carbon manners EH Series stock for a bighorn or rem700 short action, RH and proof sendero lite with the M5 bottom metal. Clear carbon with or without webbing is ideal but open to camo carbon mix. Thanks, J