tikka ctr

  1. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Tikka T3x CTR 6.5cm 24" w/ extras

    For sale: Tikka T3x CTR 6.5cm 24" with APA Lil' Bastard Gen II 6.5 muzzle brake Round count is about 500 +/- 25 rounds Only shot match ammo thru it, mostly hornady match 147 eld-m Shot one precision rifle match with it, but was not rough on it and as photos show there are no marks on it. Shot...
  2. G

    Tikka T3x super varmint or CTR

    I was debating buying either the CTR or ordering the new Super varmint in 6.5 CM, the super varmint is about $500 more and I would eventually drop whichever into an MDT chassis. Anything the super varmint has over the CTR that would make it worth it in your opinion?
  3. T

    Browing X-Bolt Max Long Range 6.5 PRC vs Tikka T3X CTR Adjustable

    I currently have a Tikka T3X Lite SS in 6.5 Creedmoor. I really like the action and trigger right out of the box. That said I am now shopping for something with an adjustable comb and a better chassis but don't want the skeleton or tactical look or feel. I am debating between the new X-bolt...
  4. ellison3dpro

    Ar10 6.5 creedmore vs bolt gun

    Looking for advise and opinions. I am looking for a rifle for antelope hunts and to eventually get into shooting 1000yds. But it will primarily be for hunting. As of now I do not reload so I have decided on 6.5 creedmore. I want a relatively light rifle but still capable for long range and bench...
  5. Hunter Hicks

    Tikka T3x and CTR STOCKS

    1) tikka T3X came off of 270wsm. Should fit any tikka T3x. $75 shipped. 2) SOLD Tikka CTR stock came off of 6.5 creed has 1 mag and action screws SOLD
  6. A

    FS - TX3 CTR 24" 6.5 w/McMillan

    I don't know why fully I am selling this - this has been the most accurate and consistent rifle I have ever owned, but I guess I am kind of bit by the rifle looney bug and have my sites set on other things... Tikka T3X CTR 24" 6.5 creed. Sets in an EDGE McMillan Game Hunter in Urban Camo. This...