tikka action

  1. Oryx_Official

    Oryx Chassis Giveaway

    We're giving away 2 Oryx Chassis for Christmas! Thinking of doing a custom build or want to try switching from a stock to a chassis? Follow our social media accounts to entries into our Christmas Giveaway Click the link bellow to follow our social media accounts and enter. Sharing with friends...
  2. Mc Fraser

    New built input required

    Hello all, I have a Tikka T3 chambered in 270 Win that I want to rebarrel and build a rifle suitable for sheep hunting. The caliber has to be something wildly available (no wildcats), I fancy 280AI and 6.5mm-284 but I do prefer 280AI because I can easily shoot the 155gr Hammer. I want a 22in...
  3. DNADave

    Tikka T3/T3X Magnum action

    Preferably SS, but would settle on blued.
  4. Mc Fraser

    Best Tikka rifle to rebarrel it to 6.5 PRC

    Hello everyone, What will be the best caliber found in a Tikka rifle to rebarrel it to a 6.5 PRC? I want to be able to buy a prefit barrel and shoot it. I know I need bolt face and WSM is recommended, my question is why not a 300 win mag to enjoy the extra magazine length? Or 7mm RM? TIA, Mc...
  5. Mc Fraser

    6.5 PRC built on Tikka action

    Hello LRH members, I want to build a 6.5 PRC based on a Tikka action and reload for it. I am using the Hornady reloading book for reference. After I used google quite a bit and a phone call to Hornady I have a few questions: 1. According to Hornady, a suitable donor action will be a WSM (270...
  6. Mc Fraser

    Tikka action vs custom SS action vs custom Ti action

    Hello, I was hoping to get the community thoughts on a few bullet points regarding a custom rig. I want to build a 300 PRC hunting rifle. I want a rig that is light enough to pack and capable of shooting at 1000 yds. I doubt I will ever shoot past 500yds but I have the funds and I want to build...
  7. B

    Tikka magnum action

    im looking for a tikka magnum action for my next build