tbac ultra

  1. FireFlyFishing

    New Rifle Setup: Range Report

    Well, I pretty happy so far with this setup. Tikka CTR .308 20” barrel. Suppressor is a TBAC Ultra 7 Gen 2 Hub. I’m running AREA 419 adapters on the muzzle and the muzzles of my other threaded barrels. Vortex Viper PST 3-15. This thing is really fun to shoot and not bad on the shoulder for...
  2. charliehorse27

    SOLD/EXPIRED Area419 Hellfire Suppressor Mount for TBAC CB/Ultra

    For sale is a lightly used Area419 suppressor mount system to convert your TBAC CB or Ultra to their Hellfire mount series. This thing was awesome, and I used it with adapters on all my rifles. I just realized I preferred going direct thread on my suppressor, and sent it back to TBAC to get...