1. Recoil Junkie

    Remington 870 Synthetic stock kit.

    This is an original Remington synthetic stock kit in excellent condition. $65 shipped
  2. N

    Pillar bedding tubberware stock

    Im buying my first rifle a 223 rem 700 and i do not have the funds to buy a new stock and probably wont for quite a while. I don't live in the US so even boyds stocks can get quite expensive. I was just wanted to know what you guyd would think about the idea of drilling a hole through a threaded...
  3. ellison3dpro

    Factory stocks for sale

    Trying to clean up my closet. I have the following stocks for sale. 1) tikka t3 factory synthetic $50 +shipping 2) howa 1500 long action factory hogue pillar bedded(non rubber) $25 +shipping 3) 2x savage 12fv factory synthetic $25 each +shipping
  4. S

    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage Short Action Factory Stock

    I have savage factory synthetic stock. It has a blind magazine and was take off from a 308. It has 2 swivel studs and is really good condition. $50 TYD. I can send pics if interested.